A Liberal Listens to Conservative Radio

Originally written: Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Liberal Listens to Conservative Radio: Uncovering Hidden Truths
It’s really amazing some of the things one can hear on conservative radio talkshows. I was baffled, stunned, and at the same time, saddened by some of the phone call-ins on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Mark Davis was seating in for Rush who was off sick for the day. I thought Mark did quite a good job as a moderator fielding questions and adding his own sometimes outrageous comments.
One of the most noteworthy callers I heard today was a 50-years-or-older-sounding lady who said her husband and she had voted for Hillary because Rush had asked GOP’s to do just that. She then proceeded to say that her husband owed her dinner every week/month if the strategy backfired and Hillary actually goes on to win. The mandatory, not to say, unromantic dinner dates would be added punishment for having another female “heckler” [sic] to listen to. What a put down I mused to myself. And to think people would so casually give up the serious patriotic responsibility of selecting a presidential nominee or candidate at the bidding of a “powerful” talk show host.
Well, I was in for more shock when another woman, probably in her 20’s or 30’s called in response to the host’s bait that there were indeed people still in these US of A who would simply not fathom voting for a black person or for a woman. Period. In Mark Davis’s opinion, this one factor presented a major reason for McCain to possibly beat both Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. (I’ll get to that contention another time). This young lady unabashedly admitted she couldn’t and wouldn’t vote for a black person nor for a woman. The host tried to press out her reasons for such a position.
She explained that she just couldn’t bring herself to vote for a black person because he is black. In one of the few enlightened parts of this show, Mark Davis proceeded to educate her and the rest of the listening audience that such a judgement would be pure racism. (Go figure!)

On the woman president question, the young lady struggled with an explanation that finally sounded something like this: “I just can’t see a woman leading and making decisions for the country. I’m a woman and a mother and I don’t think we’re wired for such roles.” And here we are trying to liberate Iraqi women. Where’s GW when we need him? In our own backyard, we have American women thinking of themselves as less than capable, less than men, and incompetent to lead. From what planet did this young lady drop down into America of the 21st Century?

My heart really went out to this young woman who had all but demeaned her selfhood as one of God’s most beautiful and intelligent creations. Did she need some counselling or self-esteem classes, I thought to myself. How sad.

How sad that there are indeed people who still think like that in America. And they dare call African countries “Third World.” Liberia can at least boast of having jumped that hurdle of having a woman in the top seat (Madam Ruth Perry). In fact, every other region of the world has passed this test but the U.S.

With Hillary’s win in Ohio tonight, my sadness and fears are allayed. These self-depreciating, sexist, self-hating females with their equally chauvinistic, sexist male counterparts are really in the minutest minority. The majority’s vote for a woman president will hopefully not only silence but also educate them.

The caller from New York, Irene, was the other breath of fresh air on this show today. Maybe, I’ll tune in some more to Rush Limbaugh.
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