Conversing on Race and Education

As an African-born educator in the United States and while making the transition from school administration to academia, I came to uncover the insurmountable challenges as well as opportunities for foreign-born women educators in our world today. The stories of struggle, success, and hope are brought to light in African-Born Women Faculty in the United States and speak not just to the experiences of the foreign-born but also to all of us as Americans from diverse backgrounds.
Please join us on February 28th, 2009, for a reading as well as a conversation on race and education at St. Matthias Church Hall, 1582 Ferris Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224.
Time: 1pm. to 4:00 pm.
Presented by Women in Higher Education Forum (WiHE)

Excerpts: “. . . The search for meaning and the celebration of difference has been carried out as a member of the human race. . . . The broken bridges between and within groups even within my continent, nation, community have all been blown apart by the dreaded word difference. . . (p.197). Difference is not necessarily a bad thing . . . Once difference is recognized, accepted, and celebrated, any consequences resulting from the position of difference can be addressed” (p. 168).

Check back for video clips from this event!


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