Health Care Reform: Keeping It Simple

Opposition to Health Care Reform typically sounds like this laundry list. We’ve been told: These are the reasons we should oppose health care reform:

1. Rationing of health care will occur.
2. We need to keep our choice of doctors and not be forced into a government-run program.
3. Death Panels and medical panels will decide medical outcomes for us. Who will sit on these panels?
4. Only patient and doctor should make medical decisions.
5. A government-run option will result in long waits: six months, four years, etc…
6. This is a form of socialism.
7. Medicare reimbursements to physicians are already very low, which will make more doctors opt out of government-run programs. It’s giving people “bus tickets” to nowhere as there will be no doctors to provide the care.
8. We need less government, not bigger government.
9. The federal government should stay out of this matter and leave it to private well-run providers.
10. The governnment is inefficient and never does anything well anyway.

Who are we kidding? Let’s keep this really simple

1. Rationing is built right into the current system. The politically correct term for rationing is “access.” Some people have it; many others don’t. Also try terms like “in-network” and “out of network: sounds like some form of rationalized distribution of health care.

Wouldn’t a “rationed” system be better than none at all for those who have no health care now?

2. Choice is only called choice when it includes and is limited to ONLY private providers. That’s what we have now. Once a government provider is added as one of the providers to choose from, then it ceases to be CHOICE!

3. Government-run healthcare will cause shifting from private providers to a more affordable government option. Isn’t that what we call competitive markets? We’ve allowed this to happen in education with some good results on both ends –public and private schools. Why not in health care?
4. Who makes decisions now about your health care? Your doctor, you the patient, and . . . yes, your HMO’s. It’s called pre-certification, out-of-pocket limits, pre-existing conditions.
5. Just because some other countries have long waits? We can do it better in America.
6. A greater percentage of Americans are happy with their health care so why change anything? Yeah, 80% are happy so who needs to worry about the 20% who don’t have health care plans? Ensuring quality health services for ALL citizens is socialism?
7. We’ll just have to wait and see. Doctors may actually get more dollars in volumes than what the HMO’s offer them now, comparatively.
8. Bigger governments work for wars, Haliburton, but not for the care of citizens.
9. So far, the well-run providers are partly the very reason why costs are skyrocketing.
10. As inefficient as the federal government is said to be, its role is to ensure equity, justice, and yes, the well-being of all its citizens, especially the least among us . . . .
It’s right, moral, ethical, and Godly.


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