Confessions of a Non-“Journal”ist.

What was I thinking a couple of years back when I started this attempt at online journaling? Indeed, I’ve loved putting out my musings out here, but it’s about time I did an introspection. The truth is that a friend had “dragged” me into the idea of expressing my thoughts in this forum. I did feel led to share then and remain excited at the opportunity to still do so now. I know you couldn’t tell my excitement judging from how poorly I’ve kept up. Never one to give up easily on anything I believe in, I refused to just throw in the towel and be done with this journaling thing. Then came Facebook (FB). One of the last of my friends to join, I still don’t do much on it. I love the F2F rather than the FB method of communicating, but I’m also aware of the numerous possibilities of social media. Besides, there’s the danger of being left behind in this fast-paced-all-things-electronic high-tech age. For someone who is yet to move or switch over to the new generation phones–I-phones,Blackberry’s– my story is indeed a sad one. My youngest son looked at me the other day and said, “Mom, how do you survive with that phone?” No kidding! He framed it as a “life and death” issue and after my initial burst of laughter, I got seriously thinking about how I was leaving myself behind . . . or am I?
Since I just got passionate about the most recent Nobel Peace price winners (it’s only been a month plus), I’ve been wanting to come and journal here. But first I had to confront my being a non-journal-ist . . . really in every sense of the word!
There. I’ve come clean. What a relief!


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