Texas Nurse on Ebola: “We never talked about it.”


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Please don’t take this the wrong way. When these brave frontline medical personnel speak up, we should listen. Their lives are at risk, and I definitely take my hats off for each and everyone of them. The loss of lives among the cadre of medical workers in the affected West African countries is nothing to be smug about.

However, when I hear Nurse Aguirre state that “We never talked about Ebola”, I’m left to wonder if she is speaking only of the lack of formal employer-based training. Or is she also talking about the lack of water cooler conversations? You know, the kind we have at work places about anything and everything, what’s trending, NFL, Ray Rice, and on and on.
As I have previously hinted, many Americans are waking up to the need for expanded conversations about the world we all co-inhabit. It is too interconnected not to. Taking it a step further, we can make a really good case for work place diversity. Even if I’m not aware of Africa, West Africa, Iraq, some other co-worker could have possibly lent their voice, however different and “un-American” to the water cooler talk and help us all be better prepared for the world.

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