Now that Nigeria is Ebola-free, there’s still work to be done.


Defying all the odds, Nigeria has proven she can competently tackle issues of life and  death! We have rejoiced and celebrated over the good news and continue to give kudos to the health minister for his leadership! A WHO official admitted the fears of a wipe out as Ebola hit the 21 million people-rich, densely-populated city, Lagos. Many of us believe the Lord and prayers were integral in this outcome as our share of Boko Haram trouble was already much.

Be that as it may, as we celebrate the excellent work done to contain the virus in Nigeria, other countries including the U.S. are being called to do some learning and benchmarking from Nigeria. Of course, Nigeria succeeded with the will and the know how to do so, but also sought for and received help from WHO and experts from Uganda. Al Jazeera’s coverage is commendable.

But let us not rest on our laurels. As we discuss with Talktainment’s Julialynne Walker’s Crossing Cultures, much work is still called for.

Liberia and Sierra Leone are still in the throes of the devastation. The work is not done. Our continental and global neighbors need help.

May I just add that no country including the U.S. can afford the arrogance of ignorance. The stigma and mis/education seem to be abating in West Africa, but other forms of these emotional viruses are increasing in the U.S. Reports of children being stigmatized at schools and employees being ridiculously ostracized just need to be stopped now rather than later.

And hello, beloved Nigeria, we can do it. We really can turn our country into the giant she claims and needs to be–economically, educationally, socially, and in every which way that is good and honorable. We have the will, we have the know-how, and what else we need, we can get from those who have it. At home and in the Diaspora. Ebola just proved we can do it!


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