The Kasich Surge: For the GOP, It’s A Choice Between Winning and Being Angry


Back in August 2015, during the first of many GOP debates to follow, two friends exchanged the conversation below:
Friend 1: Wow! Your Governor. He should be their nominee if they are wise. He could actually beat Hillary.
Friend 2: Yes!!! I just told {another friend} the same thing!
Friend 1: Bush is actually trying today too. No chance for Rubio, Christie, Carson, Cruz, etc. The Donald . . . a dope!!! Unfiltered.
Friend 2: So far, Jeb and Kasich (are the best). Don’t know about the Republicans supporting them, like you said.
Friend 1: Yes because they are not extremists.

On Feb 9th, post the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primaries, these two friends may just have been holding a crystal ball back in August. In coming from single digit % polls, Gov. Kasich came from behind and with little positive help from the media to surge to a second place win in New Hampshire. He began to be the one to watch.But then it doesn’t appear as if the GOP is really interested in winning back the White House.

I’ve heard callers and hosts alike on Conservative outlets bash Gov. Kasich for being too liberal, too moderate, and too . . . well, yes again, reasonable. How could he have taken Medicaid money even if he equally stated that he was also against Obamacare? And add to that, he had deftly explained why support for Common Core Standards is a good thing for students and the nation and not necessarily an “Obama cause”. Could some these stances explain why he is not qualifying yet as the flag bearer and GOP nominee?

Beyond the noise, rhetoric, and rehearsed speeches of many of the candidates, Gov. Kasich is the candidate to beat. His sound background and reasoned positions can capture right, left and independent voters. Sadly and I’m hoping to be proven wrong, the extreme right does not have the stomach for a successful run. Otherwise, why would a loser like Trump continue to poll ahead? I used to wonder about Trump supporters, but I wonder no more. I used to think erroneously that the supporters could not be seriously considering him for the President of these United States. Of course, I have corrected the error of my thinking. The phenomenon of Trump makes more sense to me now. In truly believing that the White House is out of reach, smart Republicans have figured they might as well “waste” their vote but, at least in the process, register a strong dislike of their party establishment. Exit polls continue to prove that to be true. Republicans state that they are primarily discontent with their party and Trump certainly represents that discontent and anger.
All in all, Republicans have to decide what is more important to them (and the nation). Is winning back the White House a bigger priority than merely displaying their anger –an anger that is truly code word for anti-everything-Obama. If the former is the case, if winning the general election matters to them, then the Kasich surge should be worth every Republican primary voter’s consideration going forward. I’m not alone in this line of thinking.


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