Wrongs Don’t Make Right: Hatred is Wrong; Love Makes Right.


All lives, including innocent Black lives, matter.

All lives, including innocent White cops lives, matter. Let’s protect and respect them all!

In the event of another, no, two deaths of innocent Black men in two consecutive days, and now five innocent police officers in Dallas, America is confronted with the dread of hatred that threatens to engulf its democracy. My outrage at the senselessness of these deaths is palpable and shared by all well-meaning Americans.  The videos from phone cams and live streams have changed the conversations dramatically. The truths and realities of injustice and violence can no longer be hidden.  Thank God. Thank God for cameras.

In Louisiana, Mr. Anton Sterling is pinned down by four policemen and yet fired at point blank, like he was not even a human being like themselves. The sense of utmost disregard of that man’s life should haunt those cops forever (or till they repent). It appears they felt justified, even entitled to kill that man. It was almost like there was a duty to be performed in assassinating Sterling.  Shame, America.

Was the officer who shot at Mr. Castile (MN) merely inexperienced, over reactive, or/and panicked? Caution dictates more information to be provided but so far, his fiancee’s Face Book Live stream tells a compelling story of again, disregard for human life. Nothing in the immediate environment seemed to warrant a provocation. Castile went beyond the expected to offer up that he was legally carrying. That may have sadly and ironically been his undoing. By doing right, he pronounced a death sentence on himself. This is all too appalling.

And now, we are grieving a supposedly retaliatory attack in the senseless assassination of five law abiding police officers in Dallas at the hands of a deranged hateful avenger. Nothing he said before being taken out by a robot justified his hate.

To tell you the truth, we all as citizens should be tired of talking heads and shallow TV analyses on these matters. Same old, same old! What we should really clamor for now are deep, critical conversations to educate, enlighten, and free hate-filled minds of all colors—white, black, grey, blue. We need to hear and understand the views and beliefs of the cops involved in this last spate of cold blooded murders. What were their beliefs about minorities, Blacks, Black men? What were their politics? We are all owed their truths. What is in their hearts? Knowing their fears, joys, and motives can help inform and educate the rest of us. The Dallas gunman revealed his motives which were nothing but hate and revenge. It’s easier to apportion Charlotte, SC and Orlando, FL to mental health and homophobia respectively and conveniently, but underlining these killings is hate.

Black lives matter even more in the face of unchecked abuse of power –legal (cops) and illegal (gangs).

White police officers lives matter especially when they are innocent and trying to protect the public. They should not be slaughtered in the line of duty. Paying my respects to two of the five: war veterans, fathers, and heroes – Patrick Zamarripa and Brent Thompson.

All lives matter because we are all God’s children and have (or should have) equal access to dignity, respect, justice, and love. No man’s life is less in value than another’s.


2 thoughts on “Wrongs Don’t Make Right: Hatred is Wrong; Love Makes Right.

  1. No one person could have said or laid it out better Dr. Rossaire. The underlying problem in these senseless killings is “Hate” and it is very sad that centuries after slavery certain people still act like “black lives don’t matter”.

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