A Bigger “Immigration” Problem: How do we welcome Trump’s supporters back to the U.S. after Nov. 8th?

trumpNigerian voter casting his vote

We all thought 11 million undocumented immigrants was a huge problem; it compares nothing to the several million-strong Trump supporters. When their bid to take the country back would have failed, and they can’t move to Canada, the U.S still has to figure out how to have them assimilated back to being law-abiding and loving citizens of this country.
We are talking about people who want to lock up a presidential candidate, who call for a revolution should their guy lose, and who are led by a leader casting doubts on the fairness of the electoral process (in preparation for his loss). For all the speculations about what Trump would do after Nov. 8th, from starting his own media empire to continuing his anti-establishment posturing, it is clear he has a bright future. It’s his supporters that the nation should be really concerned about. How and where will they channel the anger that Trump has ridden on? An anger that will not be assuaged by the Nov. 8th loss?
The fact is that Hilary Clinton’s choice of words in “basket of deplorables” was just that. But among Trump followers are Americans who have followed Trump precisely because of what he had to offer: racism, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, economic promises and vague or non-existent policies. The sooner we begin to think of how to embrace and heal, the better and only the truth will set us free.


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