Race, Ethnicity, and Judge Sotomayor: The Conversation Continues.

More than ever before, we cannot let our voices be stifled. I’m tempted to say the time for “conversation” has come and gone. That’s just a fleeting thought. I apologize. The reality of identity in our politics, economics, and well-being is forcefully front and center now. Skirting around race is no longer an option. Bold questions have been raised by movements or/and groups related to BLM, Alternative Right, Evangelicals, etc and ideas about Muslim registries and Ethnic sifting.


Here we go again: Race and ethnicity rear their (ugly, complicated) heads again. But as always, it’s better to openly and courageously talk about these issues than sweep them under the rug. Politics aside, what does this nomination of the superbly-qualified first Latina judge say about us as Americans? Note: I placed her qualifications before her ethnicity. In this instance, those qualifications matter more than anything else, but so do her ethnic and experiential backgrounds. We just need to assign appropriate weights to each factor and that’s where many of us can’t seem to get it right. Her qualifications are outstanding, so let’s use the rest of the factors to converse about race again.

I was particularly struck about the need for more conversation and education about race after reading a write up in SPINMETER by Sharon Theimer, which she rightly titles “Sotomayor’s Contradictory Images.” http://news.aol.com/article/spin-meter-sotomayors-contradictory/503265

I agreed with a…

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