A Perfect Solution to the Health Care Problem!


What had seemed like a common sense reform to help American citizens and effect changes in the economy was yet a troubled and transformational change. It was politicized hugely, but it also had its inherent structural problems.  There was always the expectation that it was imperfect and will need work. Yet, the movement to Repeal and Replace Obamacare sprung alive seven years ago. Just when the death knell is about to be rung, health care reform repeal has run into some serious roadblocks.

The clamor from citizens to keep their healthcare has changed the landscape. Not only that, Pres-elect Trump has promised Healthcare for All. From coal country to Colorado, the idea of taking away healthcare is no longer tenable.  The popularity of universal healthcare coverage [forget the semantics for now] is on the rise. What the Republicans should have done seven years ago – an overdue homework assignment – is now due. To have incoming President, Republicans, and Democrats come to a quick agreement that will be satisfactory to all concerned, the nation needs a win-win-win. Here’s the quickest  three-step path to a solution that can all be done in the same day and in the same hour. :0

*Repeal Obamacare. Trump and the GOP would have kept their election promise.WIN.

*Go a step further and ban the use of the term Obamacare. Democrats will go along with this. WIN.

*Replace it immediately with the Affordable Care Act II. Continual changes to control costs, etc will be ongoing. More than 20 million Americans who already have healthcare in red, blue, purple states will be both pacified and elated. Phew!

What better way to build consensus and start on the right note for the sake of the entire country. There’s certainly a hint of hope for a unified country , just in time for Jan. 20th.

P/s: It was very intentional for me to steer clear from terms like hurt egos, who gets credit, about face, etc.


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