In Trump’s America, Is Gov. Kasich’s Common Sense Now Considered Utopian?


Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, one of the more reasonable, common sense leaders in the Republican Party, is now considered (per Dana Bash) as presenting utopian ideas. So what did he say to warrant such acclaim, or conversely, disdain? He called for common sense reform, something to the effect of fixing current Health Care law by both sides of the aisle! [Nooo!That’s utopian!]

And so I salute Gov. Kasich for his faith in democracy and the tenacity to speak common sense.

People’s lives are not mere pawns to be bartered or trophies to be claimed by ideologues. Leadership is not just about winning; it’s about working for the people. If indeed the ACA were to explode/implode, would the party in power sit by and let that happen? Is this what caring for people sounds like to the GOP anymore? Ripping health care from millions is not leadership; it’s plain old mean, partly paraphrasing Gov. Kasich. Who are these people in the majority party, a party that is in control of the White House, the House, and the Senate and still can’t deliver?

Paul Ryan appears to be on his way to understanding that most working class Americans don’t care much about ideologies. His version of “what freedom looks like” was the probable loss of healthcare for 24 million Americans in their failed plan. That is rather inane to say the least. The American people want quality access and health, not political wizardry. At least, the hope is that the GOP will not backtrack on Ryan’s promise to govern instead of just being obstructionist. Talk is cheap. For the almost 8 years the GOP talked and voted for repeal and replace, that would have been time well spent crafting new fixes. Instead, when it came time to deliver, all they had was a dangerous pill for the people to swallow. Advancing policies that are heartless and cold to lower and middle class folks but benefit the people that don’t need more help is what this party stands for? The answer to big insurance companies leaving the market is not to appease them not to leave. It is to add fair competition by adding more choice including a public one. The goal should be to cater to all Americans, and not just the richest among us, unless of course the GOP’s only clientele is the latter. The Freedom Caucus is equally not on the side of the people. What is health care coverage without maternity care, mental health or emergency services? No wonder one of them finally had had enough of the posturing on their ideological freedoms too.
Let’s not lose sight of what this health care fight is all about. Former Vice President Biden recently reminded us– a big important legislation that affects the economy as much as health care does cannot be perfect from the start. The ruling party should swallow their pride and go to work with Dems at the table to FIX, not KILL the Affordable Care Act. Pres. Trump has clearly admitted he didnt know how tough health care is. Lessons learned. Now fix the people’s healthcare! That’s exactly Gov. Kasich’s point. It’s a common sense argument, not an idealistic or utopian one.

Footnote: Not a shining moment in my opinion for Dana Bash to press the Governor with that term. As a nation, we’re setting low bars for our leaders and the media is implicated in this sad state of affairs.


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