A Welcome News for DREAMERS: Administration Maintains DACA – For Now.


Understandably, the responses to the Trump administration’s recent action on immigration is mixed. In brief, action is stayed on DACA, which at least means the so-called dreamers cannot and will not be deported. Of course, the young recipients are skeptical. Will this step lead to better stabilization or turn out to be a mirage?

Depending on whom you ask, Trump is reneging on his campaign promises, is becoming soft on immigration, is flip flopping as with other campaign promises or he has grown some heart with the realities of immigration and reform. None of these opinions moves the ball forward and the President should be applauded for maintaining this one Obama-era policy on protecting dreamers, who are adding substantially to the economic growth of the country.

A bi-partisan effort towards long-term solutions for dreamers continues with a new legislation for a path to legalization. The newly-introduced RAC (Recognizing America’s Children) Act has set out to do just that.  As we celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month this June, the action of the Trump administration to protect young immigrants is a welcome one.



One thought on “A Welcome News for DREAMERS: Administration Maintains DACA – For Now.

  1. Rosaire. I read you and pray that the Dreamers will surely triumph. The dynamics of balancing the world population in line with resources and space availability is a devine phenomenon, it shall continue no matter how hard we mortals try to redirect the momentum. The only difference is in the date of arrival, otherwise everyone is an immigrant in the New World- Norh America.

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